Monday, 2 May 2011

"Showreel 2011"

This is my last Showreel, featuring both commissioned works and personal stuff.
On each of these projects, I worked as Director, Writer, Character Designer, Puppet/Props Maker and Animator.
Below, you can have a look at each single project in detail.
Hope you'll enjoy,

Thursday, 28 April 2011

"Uncle Jake - An homage to Mervyn Peake." (2011)

Our latest stop-motion short film is a personal homage dedicated to writer and artist Mervyn Peake, on the occasion of his Centenary year. He's such a great inspiration for us, that we wanted to translate his drawings into animated puppets.
Verses and character are from the poem "Aunts and Uncles" (A Book of Nonsense).
Many thanks to the Mervyn Peake Estate, in the person of his late son Sebastian, for the kind concession of the original material.
The film has been realized in just 3 weeks of holidays with no budget.

Duration: 1:10 seconds
Country: Italy
Tecnique: Puppets/stop-motion
Here a couple of stills:

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

"Jelly Brain" (2010)

A short clip we made for our London-based animation collective "Jelly Brain Productions".

Duration: 12 seconds
Country: United Kingdom, 2010
Tecnique: Live-action

"L'insalata del Diavolo" short film (2010)

This is a short film commissioned by ProLoco of Borgo a Mozzano (Lucca). It's based on local folktales full of deals with the Devil, and the building of the Devil's Bridge, symbol of this Tuscan village where we come from.

Duration: 1 minute
Country: Italy, 2010
Tecnique: Stop-motion animation
Production: ProLoco Borgo a Mozzano / SenZaTeStA

Screenings and Awards:
Screened at "AnimareMostrum": Animation Authors at NeonCampobase Art Gallery (Bologna).
- Included in "ANIMAZIONI" DVD. The first Collection of Italian Contemporary Animation Short Films. (Ottomani & Vivacomix prod.)

- Published in France on the DVD: "L'Animation Indèpendente Italienne" by Le Films du Paradoxe.

"Tecknos" Animated promo for the Fair of Technology in La Spezia (2009)

This is a promo commissioned for "Tecknos 09" the annual Fair of Technology in La Spezia.
It's a kind of old style radio-news about a dangerous contagion, coming from two mysterious devices arrived from the future.

Duration: 45 seconds
Country: Italy, 2009
Technique: stop-motion animation

Screenings and Awards:
- 2nd Prize at "E' un Piccolo Passo" Short Film Competition 2009 (Vicenza).
- Screened at ASIFA Italia: "Giornate dell'Animazione" 2009. (Torino)
- Official Selection at "Piccolo Festival dell'Animazione" 2009. (Udine)
- Official Selection at "Italia Creativa Festival" 2010. (Bari)

"La Reliquia Rivoltosa" graduation short film (2009)

"La Reliquia Rivoltosa"
(The Relic's Revolt) is my graduation short film at National Film School in Torino. It's a mixture of traditional hand-drawn animation and cut-out.
It's an anarchic fairytale about Holyness, Superstitions, Hunger, Greed, Ancient Fears and Overwhelming vitality!
On the project I was Director, Script Writer, Puppet maker, Art Director and Animator.
You can watch the trailer above and the full film below:

Duration: 6 minutes
Country: Italy, 2009
Tecnique: hand-drawn and cut-out animation
Production: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.

Main Screenings and Awards:
- First Prize at Dervio Film Festival 09 (Italy)
- Special Prize of the Jury at Castelli Animati 09 (Italy)
- Official Selection "Piemonte Movie 09" (Italy)
- Official Selection at CICAF 09 (China)
- Official Selection at SICAF Choice 09 (South Korea)
- Official Selection at Cartoon Club 09 (Italy)
- Official Selection at AniMadrid 09 (Spain)
- Official Selection "Piccolo Festival dell'Animazione Udine 09" (Italy)

"Grumo di China" lip-sync exercise (2006)

"Grumo di China"
(Ink Clot) was a school exercise in lip-sync with stop-motion, that I did during my first year at National Film School. It's very crude and it tells a gruesome story of ink and blood.

Duration: 1 minute
Country: Italy, 2006
Tecnique: stop-motion/pixillation

"Drammi di Mezzanotte" early films (2006)

"Drammi di Mezzanotte" (Midnight Tragedies) is a stop-motion miniserie, and it's our very first attempt to do something with clay animation.
It is composed by 3 episodes in which the quiet life of a couple of TV-addicted bugs is interrupted by supernatural events.

Duration: 1 min. x 3 episodes
Country: Italy, 2006
Tecnique: stop-motion animation

Screenings and Awards:
- Official Selection at "Filmmakers al Chiostro 2006" (Pordenone)
- Screened at "Crack! Fumetti Dirompenti, 2007" (Roma)
- Screened at "Festival della Creatività 2007" (Firenze)

"iii-Ah! iii-Ah!" (2005)

"iii-Ah! iii-Ah!" is a short live-action film about 3 children who give life to a series of ordinary objects in their houses.

Duration: 1 minute
Country: Italy, 2005
Tecnique: live-action (color)

Screenings and Awards:
- First Prize of the Jury (Mario Monicelli, Vincenzo Cerami, Francesca Ghermandi among others) at "Enel Digital Contest 2005" (Roma)
- Official Selection at "VideoMinuto Pop TV, 2006" (Prato)
- Screening at Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci (Prato)
- Official Selection at "Filmmakers al Chiostro 2006" (Pordenone)