Wednesday, 15 December 2010

"L'insalata del Diavolo" short film (2010)

This is a short film commissioned by ProLoco of Borgo a Mozzano (Lucca). It's based on local folktales full of deals with the Devil, and the building of the Devil's Bridge, symbol of this Tuscan village where we come from.

Duration: 1 minute
Country: Italy, 2010
Tecnique: Stop-motion animation
Production: ProLoco Borgo a Mozzano / SenZaTeStA

Screenings and Awards:
Screened at "AnimareMostrum": Animation Authors at NeonCampobase Art Gallery (Bologna).
- Included in "ANIMAZIONI" DVD. The first Collection of Italian Contemporary Animation Short Films. (Ottomani & Vivacomix prod.)

- Published in France on the DVD: "L'Animation Ind├Ępendente Italienne" by Le Films du Paradoxe.

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