Wednesday, 15 December 2010

"Drammi di Mezzanotte" early films (2006)

"Drammi di Mezzanotte" (Midnight Tragedies) is a stop-motion miniserie, and it's our very first attempt to do something with clay animation.
It is composed by 3 episodes in which the quiet life of a couple of TV-addicted bugs is interrupted by supernatural events.

Duration: 1 min. x 3 episodes
Country: Italy, 2006
Tecnique: stop-motion animation

Screenings and Awards:
- Official Selection at "Filmmakers al Chiostro 2006" (Pordenone)
- Screened at "Crack! Fumetti Dirompenti, 2007" (Roma)
- Screened at "Festival della Creatività 2007" (Firenze)

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